The most boring post ever

How to take on an interesting subject and kill it with blandness.

I did the research, read the articles, expressed my view. And then, I managed to lose it all inside my words.

I am referring to my previous post on Teenagers and New Technology. What should parents do? The one I published three days ago.

It is a well thought, well crafted piece of writing. I did the research on both sides of the argument, expressed views clearly, included my opinion. I discussed a popular topic in a structured way. It had everything going for it: new technology, teenagers, parents, research, inspiration.

On a topic that all parents care about, I managed to write the most boring piece ever. No wit, no character.

The wonderful part of the teenager’s interview is nicely hidden in the middle, and my personal take nicely tucked away near the end.

One has to be a really good friend to read it all. And that’s an important lesson for me. A lesson on writing. A good theme is not enough. Good research and structure are not enough. Sometimes following instructions can be catastrophic. It can potentially remove all spark and seasoning from your writing. And this happened to me.

I want to thank the one person in Greece and the one person in South Africa who read my post; though I cannot be sure whether anyone read it in its entirety.

It basically said, that our primary concern as parents should be to inspire our children to live a full life. To trust that by the time they are teenagers they can – to a certain degree- evaluate and appreciate things. That they want the best for themselves too. I wanted to say: “Let’s empower and inspire our children! Let’s listen to them.”

I would also like to thank again the teenager who answered my questions and promise that this disastrous attempt will function as a lesson for all my future writing.

All I can do now is promise to you and to myself that I will try to improve every day!

All the best to all!

What have I gained from a Blogging Course?

Hello to you all!

As I mentioned in previous posts I recently completed a course in Blogging and Writing for Online Audiences. At the end I was asked: “What did you gain from this course?”

In this post I will briefly review the course and answer that question.

 The course lasted seven weeks and covered the practical and the inspirational. The philosophy of the course was not only to provide the technical tools, but also to emphasize the esoteric mechanisms that would substantiate our expression and sustain our voice going forward.

The first two weeks were dedicated to the discovery of our voice, our drivers for blogging and the development of strategies for generating ideas and ultimately creating interesting and appealing content.

The next part was dedicated to the financial aspects of the endeavor, the code of ethics involved in public communication and the bidirectional relationship with the overall blogging community.

The final part of the course was dedicated to options for monetising blogging, and ways to improve your chances to be read in the blogosphere (also known as Search Engine Optimisation). At the end of this journey, our tutor addressed the sustainability of our blogging along the lines of proper scheduling and finding the right balance with other aspects of our lives.

Pink screen and keyboard
Love blogging

What did I gain from the course?

I gained a lot of knowledge on practical issues and a valuable insight into the world of online writing. Only to realise there is so much more to learn!

Our tutor helped me gain a belief in myself; she made me think that maybe I can do this!

All parts of the syllabus were useful; it was well thought of and well prepared. The presentations were very comprehensive. Everything was interesting and to the point.

The main gain for me was facing one challenge; the challenge of producing content regularly. The assignments helped me gain confidence in my ability to deliver. The process also helped me realize how much I like writing and communicating with others.

I will miss writing for this course and I will definitely miss receiving feedback from colleagues.

So, dear friends please feel free to send me your comments below any time. I would love to read them.

All the best!

CSS – Styling web pages

CSS is a computer language used for styling web pages. CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets. Styling web pages …

This sounds a bit funny to me since I consider the word style to be associated with fashion.

Apparently the word has a broader meaning which covers much more than clothes. According to Cambridge English Dictionary, to style means to shape or design something especially so that it looks attractive.

Style as a noun means a way of doing something, especially one that is typical of a person, place or period.

When we talk about style we refer to something pleasing and interesting. We refer to something being appealing but also characteristic of a thing or person. Or a brand, as per terminology in vogue!

White keyboard and black tablet on yellow surface
Creating style

CSS is our styling tool, it makes our page attractive and it makes it typical of our brand. It serves the image; it conveys the message, the aesthetic of our choice. Of course that goes hand in hand with having a clear identity and a clear vision from the start.

One needs to know what one represents before actually deciding on the elements that best portray that choice. It all comes down to making the right one for you and supporting that choice, that style.

And using the right tools to achieve your style. Like CSS. Or VOGUE!

I will tell you more about CSS as soon as I finish the course and have a more complete and comprehensive view of the content. I am looking forward to learning all about styling! Web Pages and all!

Let me know what you think!

The Beginning


Thanks for joining me!

This blog is about relationships, style and etiquette. It was inspired by my effort to convince my teenage daughter that there is indeed a happy medium between:

  • modesty and fashion
  • good manners and individuality
  • respecting the rules and challenging them

Perhaps a challenge for us adults too, huh?

My struggle to find balance gave birth to the idea for a book and also this blog. I want to cherish every relationship, respect each individual personality, but at the same time there is a line to draw.

I am here to say:

  • Let’s all be polite again, at home, on the street, at work and online.
  • Let’s find a way to express ourselves genuinely whilst wholeheartedly respecting all others.

I want to explore and promote individuality and honest relationships. I want to communicate boundaries without harming affection.

On a practical note, individuality is expressed through:

  • how we speak and what we say
  • how we look and how we present ourselves in each social situation
  • what choices we make and how we act on them

Those are the issues that I plan to explore in this blog.

The theory and the practice of savoir-faire, in an honest and thoughtful way.