The most boring post ever

How to take on an interesting subject and kill it with blandness.

I did the research, read the articles, expressed my view. And then, I managed to lose it all inside my words.

I am referring to my previous post on Teenagers and New Technology. What should parents do? The one I published three days ago.

It is a well thought, well crafted piece of writing. I did the research on both sides of the argument, expressed views clearly, included my opinion. I discussed a popular topic in a structured way. It had everything going for it: new technology, teenagers, parents, research, inspiration.

On a topic that all parents care about, I managed to write the most boring piece ever. No wit, no character.

The wonderful part of the teenager’s interview is nicely hidden in the middle, and my personal take nicely tucked away near the end.

One has to be a really good friend to read it all. And that’s an important lesson for me. A lesson on writing. A good theme is not enough. Good research and structure are not enough. Sometimes following instructions can be catastrophic. It can potentially remove all spark and seasoning from your writing. And this happened to me.

I want to thank the one person in Greece and the one person in South Africa who read my post; though I cannot be sure whether anyone read it in its entirety.

It basically said, that our primary concern as parents should be to inspire our children to live a full life. To trust that by the time they are teenagers they can – to a certain degree- evaluate and appreciate things. That they want the best for themselves too. I wanted to say: “Let’s empower and inspire our children! Let’s listen to them.”

I would also like to thank again the teenager who answered my questions and promise that this disastrous attempt will function as a lesson for all my future writing.

All I can do now is promise to you and to myself that I will try to improve every day!

All the best to all!

2 thoughts on “The most boring post ever

  1. I personally didn’t find the post boring. A little long, perhaps, but how is one supposed to display both sides of the argument, in a few sentences? ?
    Moreover, that interview was the piece’s highlight!
    So, don’t be so harsh on yourself and keep on….writing 😊😊

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