Hello world!


How are you? I’m happy to be here, talking to you.

Let’s open our window to the world! Let fresh air come in and the sun warm our faces. I am grateful for being here with you. There is so much to talk about, to share.

Recently, I learned so many things that enable me to communicate with you. I learned to write online ethically, to use colours and headings, and pictures, and tags. I am able to understand this world a bit better now and appreciate that there is so much more to learn.

I also realised that our creativity is endless. Inspiration can be found, we just have to look for it. Inspiration enables us convey our feeling, our message. It is so beautiful to find new interesting ways to express your voice. And it’s nice to get heard. And receive a response.

I would love it, if you were to reply to me with your thoughts. Whether you agree with me or not I’d love to hear it. Finding balance between opposites is my thing. Sometimes we have to choose, sometimes we can have both, sometimes we compromise. In any case inspiration makes this all the more interesting.

We have so many responsibilities at work and at home. By sharing our stories we can make our lives better; slightly better tomorrow and even better the day after.

I’d love to talk about things we care about. Things like finding inspiration and beauty in everyday life. Fully aware that both are easily lost in the hectic rhythms of our lives.

Dear world, before saying goodbye I would like to say how grateful I am to be celebrating my online presence today. Our human desire to connect and share our stories is powerful and amazing. An honest and intimate voice is so loved. I hope we can be friends.

All the best!

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