One year from today


This is a post about wishful thinking. Or is it about setting goals? It can be about dreaming, but it can also be about development.

Inevitably one has to accept that the two are linked, and I guess writing this post I will address both.

Let’s start with dreams. One year from today I wish to be your friend. I wish there is honesty and intimacy in our relationship, and you enjoy reading this blog. I would love to be able to devote all of my time to this and develop a useful platform for us.

On a more practical note, one year from now I want my writing to be crisp, fresh and appealing. I want to cultivate my ability to connect. Posting regularly for a year entails a lot of practice, lots of trials and errors. Hopefully a year later I will have had plenty of feedback for my improvement. My steps will be more steady and my voice more precise.

I just wish I keep getting better. So my goal for next year is a magical number of readers that will make this real.

A year from today I will be a lot more knowledgeable and experienced. Probably gone through some failures and difficulties along the way too. I’m trying to be realistic here!

And I do plan to call upon my creativity and imagination. Put them to work to prove their existence and their depth. I do believe inspiration is all around us – so it’s time to find it!

Finally, I want to make a promise. One year from today I will still be here, posting and sharing. This day next year the post will be titled One year later. In it I go back, retrace my steps and talk to you about my successes and my failures. That will be interesting!

Until next time!

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